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Camisha is called by God as an Apostolic Reformer, and Prophet to the Nations. Camisha had a Damascus encounter like Apostle Paul. She was one day persecuting Christians after leaving Christianity for 13 years and went to practicing the religion of Islaam, and after 13 years of teaching thousands of women in the religion of Islaam, living in Cairo, Egypt learning their Holy Book, and language fluently she had an encounter with Jesus, and was immediately converted back to who she left but never left her, Jesus the Christ. And her lifestyle, and fruits that remains has proven, and continues to prove her conversion to who Christ is, and her conformity to ONLY SEE in Jesus perspective, and her voice is already heard in twenty one countries, and counting thus far.

Camisha is a builder, and believes in doing the work before the title. Camisha has already helped women in almost every state in the U.S, and internationally experience the greatest miracle Jesus ever performed on the earth "CONVERSION". She doesn't work for a title, but she works for ENCOUNTERS because she knows that is the only way people will experience conversion, TRUE ENCOUNTERS, through TRUE JESUS. 


 Camisha carries "A New Sound" which is really an old sound because it is the sound of the ancient of days, the Father who art in heaven. And her assignment now is to help the end time church, the ladder church, the church Christ is coming back for to get ready for his return, but while waiting to pray in the spirit, and to learn how to navigate his "NEW GLORY", and how to ASCEND with it. 

-The Glory Is Tangible


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