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An Institution For Higher Learning


Advance Your Education


We hold strong beliefs that knowledge proceeds speech and actions. Before you can you can operate in the fullness of who God called you to be you have to know the analytics of who you are in God with supported scriptural text.


Discover Your Kingdom Authority


The Bible says I knew who you were since I created you in your Mothers womb. We all have a kingdom identity in the Kingdom of God, but the crisis is finding out who you are in God. 


Build Up Your Endurance


Endurance is the key for survival in the ministry of Jesus Christ. Endurance is what keeps you going. And you build your endurance by how much time you equate to the secret place. 


Strategic Strategy In Warfare


Warfare takes planning, and strategy. As you ascend the way you get there changes, and the way you fight while there changes as well. Different ascensions different assignments.




Gifts lay dormant until the Lord appoints them to be activated.  Everyone must go through a birthing every time you elevate to a different dimension. But before you can operate in the spirit you must be activated. 


Plant The Seed Of Knowledge In Others


After you have tarried awhile you now go back and plant the seed of knowledge to others. The kingdom of God grows as knowledge in the body of Christ grows. The more you plant seeds the bigger harvest you will see in return. Knowledge was made to give out, not to keep to yourself.

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